Welcome to Artie Almeida's online home! This website will keep you up to date on Artie’s upcoming clinics, as well as her published music education resources. If you have recently attended one of Artie’s clinics, you can find visual support materials for many of the lessons she presented. Check back often for new additions and information. 



Join Artie & Denise July 25-26 for their Summer Symposium #8 - in Las Vegas!


Hello Elementary Music Teachers!  It's time to start thinking about your summer Professional Development. I am excited to invite you to the 8th annual "Artie & Denise Symposium" being held in Las Vegas, NV on July 25 and 26. We can't believe it's been 8 years already! Our first clinic was on a cruise ship and we have hosted the workshop in a different state each year since then.

This year the 2-day party - oops, I mean the workshop - is in Las Vegas, with 8 hours a day of instruction and then "doing the town" each evening with your music ed peeps! Broadway shows, Cirque de Soleil, Magicians, Casinos, etc. etc. A Participation Certificates for 16 hours of PD (2 days) will be provided. Thom Borden will be joining us with some of his amazing, fast-paced, process-perfect teaching, and Denise is giving a free one-year subscription to MusicPlay Online to all attendees. Woohoo!

Those of you who have attended before know that this symposium offers a very eclectic, motivational, and realistic mix of teaching styles, materials, delivery modes, and more. You can get a BIG headstart on your annual lesson planning, and network with many teachers from around the US and Canada. Additionally, a full music education resource store will be onsite each day. Two jam-packed days of instruction and free MusicPlay online for only $150, makes for a very affordable inservice opportunity! Denise, Thom and I are looking forward to seeing you there! Click on the link below for clinic details and how to access a registration form.



A Video Tour of Artie’s Music Madness Interactive Games!

 Greetings, colleagues. At many of my spring conferences/clinics this year, I got to spend time in the exhibits, one-on-one with teachers, showing my resources and explaining a lot of the materials that are published, but that I rarely use in clinics, because of the time involved to "take a thorough tour" of the instructional materials. My collection of Interactive Games called Music Madness was one of the most well-received! They have a higher level of animation and programming than most of the other interactive kits I have used. I got to choose my own composer (who did all original music for each game), both male and female voice talent, and my favorite artist to bring the games to life. The games are humorous and attend to all necessary classroom requirements such as learning goals, well-sequenced instruction, leveled lessons, and assessments. They also work GREAT as sub plans, for which I was grateful many times. They cover Rhythm, Melody, Tempo, Dynamics, Orchestra Instruments, Non-Pitched Percussion and more. And they meet my goal of "Heavy Academics: Delivered Joyfully" in a big way! I recently remembered that we shot demo videos the year the games came out! Yay! Click on the links in this PDF to see the overview video of the kit, then demos of three of the games. Send me a message (from this website) if you have any questions! 

Download PDF